Portable Sets Won’t Make Digital Move

Oct 9, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Many people who keep battery-powered portable TVs in case of emergencies may soon be cut off, as almost all of the estimated 7 million portable sets in the U.S. only receive analog signals, USA Today reports. While these sets may be functional with the use of a digital TV converter box, most boxes must be plugged into an outlet in order to function, making them “unreliable” in case of a power failure.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. Most likely manufacturers are waiting to see how well their prototypes work in a real world “over-the-air” test when NTSC shuffles off to history. Another reason the handheld creators may not be so quick to market is other technologies are changing the scene. Good comment on the requirement of a converter box needed for current handheld tv’s to receive digital signals. There is a market there for handheld ATSC sets, however, the more popular makers are not rushing out to meet it. There are a couple of makers who have sets out there – and I’ll be reviewing one for http://www.mall727.net in the near future. Should be interesting…
    – Andrew, MALL727net –

  2. There’s a market, but the technology isn’t there yet. Remember, there are too many barriers and areas that 8-vsb modulation cannot penetrate. interestingly these possibly are the same areas many might put an ATSC portable TV.
    I’ve said it many times….I’m within 13 miles or less from my local TV tx farm… yet I cannot uphold and maintain a DTV (ATSC) signal.
    One thing to remember… Apartments are especially vulnerable. If signal doesn’t go through walls, where is a DTV portable going to work well? That’s a very legit question, as the middle class moves into apartments, for foreclosure savings, and other reasons.
    Strange that those are the same exact people who are being ignored, as they have, when DTV was voted on by congress.
    Yes, portables would be nice… but as Jim Collins would point out in his book “From Good to Great”.. consider the whole facts, positive and negative” and go from there. I don’t see the obsticles of DTV allowing full penetration of portables.
    By the way, lets not talk about bad weather, like Mary Robinson’s story on Hurricane Ike and DTV… My story on Tornadic Activity and me not being able to see DTV. and the possible scenes from Wilmington, NC.. those all show there is a flaw, preventing portable DTV.
    (Reminder, DTV and HDTV are not the same.)

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