World Series Moves for Obama Ad

Oct 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Fox persuaded Major League Baseball to move back the start of Game Six of the World Series so that it could air a half-hour campaign ad for Barack Obama, TelevisionWeek reports. With the long-form commercial running on CBS, NBC and now Fox at 8 p.m. on Oct. 28, the Obama campaign is spending more then $3 million that night, TVWeek says.
— Jon Lafayette


  1. Why doesn’t Obama put that money to better use!!!
    We are going to hear MORE of the same.
    Do you really want 4 more years of Bush…please I am so sick of hearing that!!!

  2. So, just to be clear, FOX is unwilling to air Presidential debate #3 when every other major broadcaster does, but will move the start of a World Series game so they can accept a paid political advertisement from just one of the candidates. Yep, that’s what I call “FAIR AND BALANCED.”

  3. In response to D:
    I understand your frustration. However, you have to remember that Fox (at least the Fox News Network) has always been biased in favor of the Republicans anyway, so this helps make up for it in a small way.
    Besides, there might not even BE a game 6 of the World Series-Tampa could sweep the Phillies, or win in 5! LOL 🙂
    To ML: Are you saying you WANT 4 more years of Bush? LOL
    I’m probably going to vote for Obama, however I do think McCain should have been President the last 8 years instead of Bush; he would have done a better job than W, and would do so now if elected. Either BO or John M would, IMO.

  4. With the country under a pall of financial doom, spending $3MM for 30 minutes of more of the same old, same old..seems so disgenuous, so fiscally unresponsible, so egocentric, so Barack Obama.

  5. Obama is only spending the money that was effectively raised from the millions of taxpayers who donated directly TO him. It is a very responsible way to spend the money that was raised for exactly these efforts…to help convince those who STILL have no idea who they are voting for, and hopefully changing the minds of those who will mindlessly vote for McCain/Palin.

  6. This is the most disgusting in a long series of disgusting developments in this so-called ‘campaign.’ First it is Obama’s obvious ‘buying’ the election with foreign money, then signing up fake voters with the ‘Acorn’ group; now this affront to the baseball fans. How sad that this country is falling into enemy hands without a shot being fired!

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