Media Hops on Obama Bandwagon

Nov 6, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Following Barack Obama’s win on Election Day, many TV commentators got emotional in describing the historic occasion—possibly to the point of getting carried away, the Washington Post says. “I think our excitement at the imminent history matched the nation’s,” said MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, who compared Obama’s election to the day man first walked on the moon.
—Jon Lafayette


  1. Jump on the bandwagon? The media designed it, built it, filled it with gas and drove it.
    Get real.

  2. I’m so depressed I can hardly function. The next four years are going to be a disaster. A guy with no experience (business or otherwise) is going to be running the country. A guy with a left-wing socialist agenda is going to be running the country.
    The next time someone complains because gas prices are too high or they just got laid off from their job, I’m going to ask them if they voted for this clown. The media should be ashamed of the way they pushed for this guy.
    It’s clear that without their influence Obama would not have won. The popular vote came down to 48% McCain and 51% Obama. Half of the country is so sad because we see what’s on the horizon.

  3. and just wait til a Bobby Jindal or someone else of color makes a run for a top spot on the GOP side. The media will make no bones about castrating him. If it’s a woman….well we already saw how the media handled that one.

  4. Donna, I wish you would grow up. You were all for Sarah Palin who not only is completely ignorant and incapable, she was poised to be a heart-beat away from presidency. Now that would have been frightening!
    After 8 years of Bush, all Republicans should hide their heads in shame. Throwing around the “socialist agenda” nonsense is just spite.
    The country is going to get a little more liberal and therefore prosperous for everyone. Go get some therapy if you’re depressed over your own misbegotten, ill informed notions.
    Those media folks just expressed the deep emotions felt by many of us. Basically, relief.

  5. Wanda, just because someone shares a different opinion from you (48% of the nation to be exact) doesn’t mean they need to grow up! Many in our nations have EXTREME doubts about our new President elect.
    Many of us are concerned with our new president. I did not vote for him, but for the sake of our country, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I will pray earnestly that those of us who voted against him due to his past associations and his ultra-liberal agenda are wrong. I really want to be proven wrong, however I sincerely have my doubts about that. Let’s see how long it takes for “Yes we can” to become “No we can’t!” The media was so ridiculously biased both before and after this election, that I will never view the media the same. We have a man THAT NO ONE KNOWS in our Whitehouse. It is beyond disbelief! All i know is the media certainly did their job if their only agenda was to get BO elected. If their job was to be unbiased, balanced and informative, they most certainly DID NOT do their jobs. A man spoke pretty words off a script for 2 years, and I guess since the world is so enthralled with Hollywood and it’s screenplays, a lot of people bought into it. Many of us didn’t and we have the right to express our opinios, no matter how much the Media tried to silence us.
    As for Sarah Palin, she deserves the respect of any other Governor in our country. She certainly has more executive experience than BO. And since you pointed out that she was “a heartbeat away” from our highest office, might I remind you that there is nothing between your inexperienced guy and the presidency. The media and “feminists” should be ashamed of the way they treated Governor Palin. Absolutely no excuse for the condescending questions, infatuation with her hair, makeup and wardrobe, and kids instead of her accomplishments. Palin 2012
    John McCain was a vetted candidate, a true war hero who deserved the honor of Presidency. Our nation gave him the finger on Nov 4 for an untried man who many believe was at best disingenuous in his explanations of questionable activities and associations.

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