Black Broadcasters Celebrate on Air

Nov 6, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Correspondents on BET openly celebrated the election of the first black president, the New York Times says. On other networks, some black journalists showed their feelings, but said they remained professional while reporting the story.
—Jon Lafayette

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  1. I understand why they showed their personal emotions but it still is highly unprofessional. They should have waited until they were off the air. Imagine if the MCCain network announcers (FOX) gave each other “high fives” had their candidate won, it would have been all over the news.
    After all, if the BET channel wants to (as they state) show a non-partisan and unfiltered view of the news, they have to provide viewers with a clear, concise and most importantly, fair observation
    of what is happening.
    Not just because the candidate is of their color.
    Jut so this comment isn’t viewed as racial, I also voted for Obama and I am white, but not because of his color, but for his qualities!
    This is true freedom!

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