Russert’s Job Still Open

Nov 3, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Tom Brokaw is about to step out of the big shoes left behind by the death of “Meet the Press” host Tim Russert and media types in Washington are dying to find out who will replace him, the New York Times says. Chuck Todd? David Gregory? Gwen Ifill? Even Katie Couric’s name is tossed into the mix by the Times.
— Jon Lafayette


  1. Brokaw has done a great job. His leaving will make two big voids for the Peacock to try to fill.
    No one around has the historical depth he has and the level of authority he commands just by being in that MEET THE PRESS chair.
    In the reported words of the late Mr. Russert, “Tommy, me boy”, we will miss you in this and, for that matter, any broadcaster’s seat.
    You deserve the time to chase your interests as I know you will with gusto.
    Selfishly, I will miss your highly respected sure-footed, sound reasoning, articulate, no BS approach to the history that is be created.
    You are in a rare, sparse category of broadcasters who truly understand the meaning of integrity in reporting…you don’t talk about it…you live it every day and for these many years, we have been priviliaged to be on the receiving end of your efforts.
    Thank you Tom Brokaw. Thank you very much.
    Peter Bright

  2. I like Brokaw but he didn’t do the followups like Russert who planned ahead and had a comeback for the staged answer he knew was coming from the politicians. I miss Russert. No one can replace him. Certainly not David Gregory.
    NBC — please look for someone with a prosecutor’s background, a real interest in politics and a fair, but firm approach who won’t take talking points for an answer. Oh yeah, that was Russert.

  3. Let’s for once get somebody QUALIFIED for the job, not somebody’s cousin, or son!

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