Sophomore Shows in Jeopardy

Nov 5, 2008  •  Post A Comment

TV by the Numbers says that it’s unlikely that “Lipstick Jungle,” “Pushing Daisies,” “Eli Stone,” or “Dirty Sexy Money” will be on their networks’ midseason schedules. “Life,” which has been moved to Wednesday night by NBC, also is on the bubble, the Web site says.
— Jon Lafayette


  1. Is it just me… or “Eli Stone” another… or the male version of Ally McBeal? Seem its basically the same, except the dancing baby. But then again, George Michael (yes the Bellaire exibitionist, singer…not sportscaster) is the Dancing baby.
    Its not original, if I have to see too many comparisons. I’m also not crazy about a sex offender getting a role on the show.
    I’ve seen the other shows once… not impressed. I’d prefer watching TVO (Windsor, ONT., channel 32, analog), who shows BBC, SBS, ABC Austrailia shows, etc. Even though its slightly snowey, the contenst is better, slightly smarter oriented, but not stuffy, like PBS shows.
    There are other altenative. I feel that TVO on channel 32, is one of those. I am glad they do not show Reality shows. I’m sick of those.
    If the networks quit dummying up the shows, for “lowest common denominator” audiences, they proably would be more successful.
    Its really a shame when Candidates and past presidents on SNL are newsworthy, when they have done that sort of thing all along. The fact that its now a big deal, shows that TV is doing something wrong.

  2. “Life” is a dumb title for a police show anyway, especially now that we also have “Life on Mars”.
    It would make more sense if it were about someone sentenced to life in prison who was trying to vindicate himself.
    What’s up with single-word generic titles for shows nowadays, like House, Lost, Heroes, Fringe, etc.? Boring!
    Even the new WWI era romantic epic about Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman stet in Australia is called simply “Australia”, as though they couldn’t think of anything else. ( suppose they want to give it the feel fo a James MNichener novel, like Hawaii…)

  3. Phil K,
    LIFE is “about someone sentenced to life in prison who was trying to vindicate himself” and the show begins after his release.

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