Digital-Switch Coupon Fund Runs Dry

Jan 6, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The government program funding coupons for people who need to buy a converter box so their analog TVs can receive digital signals has run out of money, TelevisionWeek reports. For now, people who apply for the coupons are being put on a waiting list. While no official request has been made for more funds, new Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., called the announcement “simply astounding.” “The change to digital television is just weeks away, and today we learn that the Bush Administration’s approach to nickel-and-dime efforts aimed at making this conversion easier on consumers is flat broke,” TVWeek quotes him as saying.
—Greg Baumann


  1. I’m not surprised!
    With the coupon deal, they DO NOT VERIFY INCOME, so I personally know of a Toledo, Ohio Doctor at Medical University OF Toledo, who got the coupons, 2 of them. He really doesn’t deserve them, since he’s way above the income level.
    When you have a government that is not going to do the work on checking for income and a general public population that wants Mommy and Daddy government to do the thinking and taking care of adults, this happens. There is simply going to be abuse.
    I know that they did not ask me if I was on Cable TV or not. Therefore, could not verify, if I needed a coupon.
    Now a friend of mine, may not get his coupon, to “upgrade his tuner” even though he makes less than poverty, while he works part-time.
    I want to thank both the American Government and the American Joe Q. Public. The reason, you both really raped the system, trying to be “socialistic” and materialistic, at the same time.
    Problem is, both of these cancel each other out at some stage. too bad, it did not cancel out before it should have. Now some of the poor cannot get free information they are legally entitled to.
    Now look who has to suffer! Good Going!
    *note “socialistic”, meaning for your community, through governments, while “materialistic”, meaning for one person, ie., selfishism.

  2. You must remember, the Republicans put this together. They don’t care if they run over their family to get what they want or need. The public be damn? There were Republicans who let him slide at the SEC. (securities & exchange commission)
    The are a bunch of selfish, ego-centric bastards!

  3. That is a possible explanation for the government. What about the selfish “me me me” thinking of the people? can you answer that one Apres Ski?

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