Hawaii Stations Make DTV Switch

Jan 16, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Hawaii’s television stations switched to digital transmission Thursday at noon, a month before stations in the rest of the country are slated for the switch, the Associated Press reports. Even before the change-over, the FCC’s TV call center was receiving calls from residents, with 300 calling on Wednesday and 10 lines lighting up Thursday. The switch was made early because an endangered bird’s nesting season begins next month near the stations’ transmission towers.
—Aimee Picchi

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  1. Interestingly…not a single news station or network, mainland or Hawaii, is talking about this story. It’s huge and our future. It shouldn’t be ignored!
    I checked the Hawiian stations, such as channels 4 and 9, I need to ask… Are they working in the public interest, if they are ignnoring a potetial mess.. or even a huge success. Personly, i think th6e first, volcanoes and all which interfere with 8VSB Mod signals, even with Gen5 boxes, which filter multipath.

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