Video Pirates Winning Battle With Studios

Feb 5, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Media companies say that piracy of movies and television shows is becoming more mainstream and is cutting into sales of DVD, the New York Times reports. Anonymous digital pirates put content on sites where it is available to download and view. “Young people, in particular, conclude that if it’s so easy, it can’t be wrong,” said Richard Cotton, the general counsel for NBC Universal, tells the paper.
—Jon Lafayette


  1. Fix your business model, and bring your prices more into scope with reality, you may be able to change peoples minds. The networks are seen as another group of rich greedy executives to the average viewer, it’s tough to feel remorse if you take from those who’ve driven our country to the brink. More options like Hulu are a big help, look to minimize individual profit and maximize veiwership and you’ll see a change in viewer’s respect of your business model.

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