Garofalo Not Returning on ’24’

May 14, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Janeane Garofalo won’t be returning to “24” next season, Entertainment Weekly reports. Because the show will be set in New York, it didn’t make sense to move every character there, the publication says, citing executive producer Howard Gordon. “And to transpose everybody [from D.C. to New York] starts feeling very coincidental. Even getting Chloe there … you have to explain how she got from Washington to New York and what happened. You can’t do that for everybody,” he tells EW.
-Aimee Picchi


  1. Good riddance!! Having a c-list “actor” alongside true professionals damages the show’s credibility. Hopefully, Jack Bauer will “eliminate” her.

  2. Will Jack Bauer even be in the next season? I swear, Kiefer gets in more trouble these days than anyone on the set.

  3. Garofalo is one the most vile, disgusting, race-baiting, hate-filled human beings on tv. Calling her a “pig” would do a great disservice to swine everywhere.

  4. Praise the Lord, that disgusting, filthy cow will not be on next year.
    Stop pandering to the Muslims, too. It’s ruining the show.

  5. why the garofalo hate?

  6. Great news!!! She has done her best to drag the show down. Every episode, I have been hoping that she would be taken out… At least she won’t be around next year.

  7. The hate comes from the same Old Party loyalists that don’t like her liberal viewpoints. If the guy behind the show, a conservative hawk who also produced a “comedic” right-leaning news spoof show on Fox News a couple of years ago, hired her in the first place, perhaps Ms. Garofalo wasn’t a bad actor in the first place.
    Still, if Kiefer’s probation is revoked in light of the new charges against him, I wonder if 24 will even be around next season.

  8. Most people do not like being called racist.
    Garofalo recently said that anyone who protests against the current administration is a racist, unless that person also protested against the previous administration.
    Given her inane, insulting reasoning, do you see how some people might not like her?

  9. Somehow I knew that it would be the victims of Garofalo’s race-baiting hate-talk who were to blame for this.
    In your world, it’s not Garofalo calling them racists that’s the problem. The problem is that these people have the temerity to defend themselves.
    Guilt by accusation seems ok in Tom Brady’s world, huh?

  10. “Most people do not like being called racist. ”
    Most people who are not racist don’t worry too much about what other people call them. Especially people they do not know. They live their lives in a way that demonstrates their beliefs. It’s pretty simple.
    If her comment upsets someone that much, it makes me wonder if she was a little too close to the truth for their comfort…

  11. I guess that comment was soooo good you had to put it up twice eh Tommy?
    I wouldn’t tout her hiring by a “hawk” too much Thurston….Joel Surnow was a writer…..not in charge of casting.
    Perhaps you two libbies can contact that imam and “confess”…………

  12. “Most people who are not racist don’t worry too much about what other people call them.”
    What garbage. So if I call you an idiot or a moron or how about a teabagger and you’re neither then you’re okay with it? What are you, 13?
    Garofalo is a disgusting ho and will probably never work in the industry again after people have almost universally rejected her sweeping accusations of bigotry. By definition, she is a bigot.
    I refused to watch 1 episode with that pig and not only that but can she possibly get any uglier?

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