Worried About On-Air Shenanigans by a Particular Player, CBS is Taping Tonight’s Edition of ‘Big Brother’ Instead of Airing it Live

Aug 13, 2009  •  Post A Comment

With contestant Chima threatening to have an on-air tantrum if she and some of her friends get nominated for eviction, CBS is taping what was to have been tonight’s live eviction show of “Big Brother,”  reports Zap2it.com.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Yeah, cause she’s nuts! C’mon, air it live! Now that’a good TV!

  2. Seems like she found out Jeff has the power and KNOWS hes gonna use it…oh well..toooo bad for humungous, liver lips Chima. She’s much too ugly for tv anyway..really hard to look at.

  3. I can’t beleive that CBS is giving in to Chima’s threat. She wins if they have to tape it. Chima can now dictate if the ‘live’ episode is live or taped. There should be something in the house guests contract that says they have behave during the live episodes or they will be asked to leave the show. CBS should throw her off!

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