ABC News is Saying That The ‘Arrest of Dr. Conrad Murray Seems Imminent’; Story Cites Document That Cause of Death Was Powerful Drug Propofol, Plus Other Reasons

Aug 25, 2009  •  Post A Comment

ABC News, citing various documents and reasons, quotes a prominent attorney, Roy Black, who told "Good Morning America" today that, "I have no doubt he’s going to be indicted." Black was speaking about Dr. Conrad Murray, who was attending Michael Jackson at the time of the singer’s death.

The opening paragraph of the ABC News report says, "Details of Michael Jackson’s death outlined in a coroner’s report make it seem almost certain that Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, will be charged in the pop icon’s death, according to a noted defense attorney who has been following the case."

–Chuck Ross


  1. If, in fact, this “Doctor” contributed to Michael Jackson’s demise, then I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    I worked with Michael, his sisters and brothers, (save Jermaine) on CBS-TV’s, THE JACKSONS in 1976-77. I got to know them very well. He was the Prince, if you will, but did not act like one.
    He was defined, knew what he wanted and worked extreemly hard to do what he did. He wanted things “Right”. We all worked together to make what we produced “Right” for him and the show.
    The protection that surrounded him may have contributed to his demise. He was kept apart from much of everyday life.
    That was too bad as he had a very strong constitution and could have handled anything that came his way. The lack of experience in dealing with certain aspects of life crippled him. His naivete began early and was not of his doing but, I believe, snowballed into his last days.
    We will never know who he could have become, or what else he could have accomplished and that is a mutual loss, his and our’s.
    The “Doctor” in question here was not naive, or ignorant of what he was apparently prescribing, (and/or) administering to Michael.
    It’s up to the legal system to function now.
    Sadly all we have left are memories. Thankfully, many are heart-filled and wonderful.
    Peter Bright

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