Kanye West Visits Leno, Apologizes Again for VMA Antics

Sep 15, 2009  •  Post A Comment

On Jay Leno’s first primetime show, Kanye West said Monday night that he plans to “take some time off” for reflection after Sunday’s incident at MTV’s Video Music Awards, reports CNN.

West jumped on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift as she accepted the award for best female video, which West thought should have gone to Beyonce Knowles. On Leno’s show Monday, he apologized again, saying, “It was rude, period.”

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. It wasn’t just rude. It was racism. This black entertainer doesn’t like it when his friend is overlooked for an award and a white entertainer gets it. As Jeanne Garofalo likes to say, “it’s racism, straight up”.
    It’s just that nobody will say it when the black person is the racist.

  2. Thanks for you good thinking so you have asked for forgiveness which is a good thing i hope we your furns shall forgive you too for your ungratefull behavior thanks by freddy khoza

  3. Agree with you, Donna! People are very quick to claim racism when it’s a white person who’s done something questionable (see Maureen Dowd’s column about Joe Wilson; the whole Prof Gates issue), but no one is daring enough to admit it when the shoe’s on the other foot.

  4. Where are Jesse, Al, Conyers and the rest of the gang? I haven’t seen them out there denouncing Mr. West for his extremely rude antics.

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