Oprah and MacKenzie Phillips and Incest: Mostly a Ratings Ploy?

Sep 25, 2009  •  Post A Comment

In a provocative blog entry, Open Mike blogger Chuck Ross asks a question many are whispering about: Are the shows Oprah Winfrey’s concentrating on this season, including MacKenzie Phillips’ bombshell allegation of rape and incest with her father, mainly being done for ratings? Click here to read.


  1. Poor Oprah. Her halo came off when she endorsed the biggest socialist in America for president. Guess her viewers don’t like the results?

  2. Wow, a talk show picking topics to drive ratings?
    That never happens, Oprah is purely humanitarian!

  3. I’m curious why Mackenzie Phillips chooses to reveal her incestuous relationship now except for publicity for her book. I also question her decision to mention Mick Jagger, since that incident served no purpose except to attract more attention to herself for all the “wrong” reasons. If she hadn’t gotten pregnant, who knows, it might have continued until her father passed away. I completely understand why her family is upset with her.

  4. Oprah and MacKenzie were making predictions on the show as to what ingnorant backlash may come as a result of that interview. They were not proven wrong.
    It has always been one of Oprah’s main missions to share peoples’ stories as a way get to a deeper understanding of the human condition and to put a face on issues happening in our world that are too shameful to discuss. This is why people like MacKenzie Phillips trust her show as a platform to get their stories told. This is way on base for her.

  5. Yes, Medicare, Medicaid, the Army, Navy, Marines, the police department, fire department, FAA, public schools, the library, etc., etc., etc. I hate socialism!!!!!

  6. THANK YOU feiden! The only one you left out is Social Security. I want all of the folks crying about Socialism to refuse ALL of the socialized services this country already offers, or shut the hell up about it once and for all!!!!!

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