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The passing of Labor Day marks the unofficial end summer. So we went back, week by week, and have linked to the 20 most popular stories you’ve read here at TVWeek between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

It’s been quite an eventful season, as you’ll see. Some of the stories you’ll probably expect to find on the list, some not. But they are all they ones that you, our readers, have made the most popular on a weekly basis over the summer. So check out any of these newsmaking stories that you may have missed, or to remind yourself what happened.

The one story that we actually published before the summer that made the list was our story, by Jon Lafayette, on the name change at the Sci-Fi channel. It’s on the list because even though it was published in the spring, it became the most popular story on our website the week the name change actually happened this summer. This Sci-Fi channel name-change story is our most read story of the year, and it has elicited more comments–over 700–than any other story we have published.

–Chuck Ross

The list is in chronological order:

1) Ratings: O’Brien Off to a Strong Start on ‘Tonight’

2) Carradine Death May Have Been Sex Game Gone Wrong

3) The ‘Futurama’ is Now: Comedy Central Revives Series

4) Dave: I Take ‘Full Responsibilty’ for ‘Beyond Flawed’ Palin Joke, and I’m Sorry

5) How Harvey Levin and TMZ Scooped the World on Jackson

6) Hot List: Felicia Day

7) Sci Fi Channel Aims to Shed Geeky Image With New Name

8) Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! Keeps Jan Out of Brady Reunion on ‘Oprah’

9) ‘Idol’s’ Simon Cowell is Hooking up With Supermodel Kate Moss to Challenge Disney

10) If You are Under 45 Years Old, Here’s a Personal Explanation as to Why—and How—Cronkite was so Powerful and Influential

12) Baldwin Brother Goes Bankrupt; Files for Chapter 11 Protection

13) Ahem…Just so We and the Producers of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Are Clear

14) Star Anchors Join Journalism’s List of Endangered Species

15) Abdul Roundup: Details of Why She Really Left ‘Idol’; Why She Won’t Be on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ This Season; Who Should Replace Her

16) Video: Richard Hatch, The First ‘Survivor’ Winner Who Went to Prison For Over Three Years For Tax Evasion Finally Talks; He Tells ‘Today’s’ Matt Lauer That The Reason he Got Jail Time Was Because He is Gay; UPDATE: Hatch Re-Arrested After Being on ‘Today’

17) ‘Guiding Light’s’ Lesbian Love Story to Live on Online

18) A&E Networks Acquires Lifetime

19) Whitney Houston’s ‘Good Morning America’ Comeback Falters; She Blames ‘Oprah’

20) Finally, Someone Does the Math: Why ‘Mad Men’ Can Be a Success for AMC With Less Than 2 Million Viewers While a Show Like Fox’s ‘Arrested Development’ Was a Failure With 4 Million Viewers (Hint—Ah, to Be a Cable Channel)

Editor’s Choice Bonus: The Perils of Live Blogging the TCA—on an iPhone

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  1. The announcers for the LSU game at UW on Saturday was very poorly done. Names were mis-pronounced. Basic facts were reapeated over and over (Locker’s broken hand). One LSU score never was shown. The announcers did not know how to shut up and let us watch.

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