Advertisers Sticking With Letterman’s Show So Far

Oct 8, 2009  •  Post A Comment

David Letterman’s disclosures about his office sexual relationships haven’t sent advertisers fleeing; even the “squeaky clean” parks and resorts division of Walt Disney Co. was still advertising on “Late Show” as of Tuesday night, reports the New York Times.

Agency executives said they don’t expect much, if any, sponsor fallout, so long as there are not additional scandalous disclosures.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Well it’s not as though he said the president was a racist or anything. It’s not even as if he was a married man having sex with a woman married to someone else and then bribed her family to keep quiet. Or hired her husband as a lobbyist and then had illegal meetings with him.
    Advertisers should pull all ads of FOX Noise if we’re going to boycott people for ethics violations. And, who votes for people like John Ensign, anyway? Boycott him!
    I’m rooting for Dave. He showed them all how to stand up and be a good human being after making personal mistakes in his life that are no one’s business anyway. Unless he’s a secret priest who took a vow of celibacy I don’t know about. But then he’d be buggering children or other males, not grown women.

  2. They will, soon enough. Why aren’t we holding egomaniacs like Letterman to a higher standard? He has a captured audience every night of the week to plead his case to — pretending to be the Nice guy — sooner or later those women are going to get it and come forward. It’s inevitable — and we’ll see the sponsors drop him like industrial waste.

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