Another ‘Reality’ Channel Will Take the Place of Fox Reality Channel–and This One is Really Wild!

Oct 16, 2009  •  Post A Comment

According to an article by top TV reporter/editor Mike Schneider at Variety, the Fox Cable Networks may announce as soon as Friday, Oct. 16, the replacement fare for the soon to be shuttered Fox Reality Channel.

The replacement channel, " ‘National Geographic Wild,’ will air a mix of animal-centric and natural history programming. Cabler is already distributed internationally in territories including Hong Kong, the U.K., Turkey, Ireland and Vietnam," according to the article.

Variety also says, "Because of the unscripted nature of the new channel – you can’t get much more ‘real’ than nature-oriented fare – Fox Cable Networks hopes to make a smooth transition between the old channel and the new. Nonetheless, it’s currently negotiating new affiliate deals with cable operators."

–Chuck Ross

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