If Women Are From Venus and Men Are From Mars, Then Letterman Is From Uranus (But Seriously Folks): Craig Ferguson and Letterman Himself Joke About Letterman

Oct 6, 2009  •  Post A Comment

In his awkward, surprising confession about having sex in the past with his employees–and then allegedly being blackmailed for $2 million by another CBS employee about the trysts–David Letterman said last Thursday that it would likely be the last time he spoke about the matter.

However, on Monday night, most of Letteman’s monologue was devoted to jokes about the matter (see video here).

And late-night host Craig Ferguson–whose show is actually owned by Letterman’s company, thus making Letterman his boss–also made light (and serious) about the matter, which you can read about in this piece by the Associated Press

–Chuck Ross


  1. Lots of comments from the talk-show host boys club. They all appear to approve of Dave’s bending those poor girls over his desk. Dave’s too cheap to rent a room — and he did, what would he do with the rest of the hour. Is anyone going to ask the women talk-show hosts what they think?

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