Letterman Apologizes to His Wife on Air

Oct 6, 2009  •  Post A Comment

David Letterman, in the first show taped since he revealed on air that he’d had sexual relationships in the past with some women on his staff, apologized on air to his wife on Monday, the Associated Press reports.

The talk show host said his wife, Regina Lasko, who is also the mother of his son, had been "horribly hurt by my behavior." They married in March after dating for years.

He added, "Let me tell you folks, I got my work cut out for me," referring to his relationship with her.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. David Letterman used his power to get these women to have sex with him — in his mind he’s a stud. But only in his mind — it’s what feeds his arrogance. Let’s ask the women what they thought. Or at the very least, lets focus on the crime, not on how well he apologized. What he did is worse than Governor Spitzer. And look what they did to him. Why is everyone so afraid to nail Letterman. He’s less than a man.

  2. Dick Cavett said, and I quote, “To me, it seems Dave Letterman’s handling of this is impeccable,” Cavett said in an e-mail. “Brave, direct, and-dare I say it?-manly. He has set a real example here of exactly how to behave when assaulted in such a sleazy operation.” Did he say Letterman was assaulted — then what was it that Letterman did to those women (I’m betting they were all younger than 25)– I’m told he likes ’em young. Let’s not kid each other, if tou were a fox, would you sleep with Letterman, that is if he weren’t your boss.

  3. Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned 🙂

  4. Love all the opinions expressed here! How is everyone? Love how everyone expresses whatr they feel 🙂

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