GLAAD and ABC Work Out Differences Over Adam Lambert Cancellations

Dec 4, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) said it spoke “several times” with ABC on Thursday after the network decided to cancel appearances by openly gay singer Adam Lambert, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Dick Clark’s ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.’”

GLAAD said it was concerned that Lambert was being held to a “double standard,” after he was criticized for his overtly sexual American Music Awards appearance, which included simulated oral sex.

But all appears to have been worked out. “It would appear that the kiss between Adam Lambert and his keyboardist did not factor into ABC’s decision,” said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios. And ABC said in a statement that that it was the fact that Lambert changed his on-air AMA performance from what he did in rehearsal, and not his “sexual orientation” that prompted concerns.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Barrios apparently would sell his soul to the company store. If he thinks homophobia is not the cause of the ultra right wing Liberty Counsel’s complaint to the FCC and the ABC smackdown of Lambert he’s crusing down the river DeNial rather than doing his job.

  2. BULLSHIT!!!

  3. I find all of this controversy to be thrilling because this is how change in progress looks! It may be one step forward and two steps back, but who cares, it’s underway! This is how it looked every single time a big change happened in my lifetime. The offense and the defense line up and no matter how they play, once the whole thing is set in motion, progress occurs.

  4. I call bullshit too! What a cop out excuse…first they say he’s canceled from GMA because his AMA preformance was too sexual (which they knew it would be…and counted on for their advertising of the show) and now they are saying “oh its not cause of sexaulity or homosexuality its just cause he did something other than what he rehearsed” I wonder if every live preformer who has ever changed a dance move, or adlibbed their teleprompter lines is getting nixed from ABC as well?? ABC is overreacting to this big time…there weren’t even that many people who complained. I’m sure they are getting more people complaining about their unfair treatment of Adam Lambert than they ever got against him…but now they have to stick by their decision so they don’t look stupid…guess what…too late you guys already look bad!

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