In Twist, Nancy Grace Asks Court to Ban Videotaping of Her Deposition

Jan 27, 2010  •  Post A Comment

HLN talk-show host, lawyer, former prosecutor and soon to be syndicated court show judge Nancy Grace ("Swift Justice with Nancy Grace") has asked a judge to prohibit the videotaping of her deposition in a central Florida wrongful death lawsuit, the Associated Press reports.

The judge turned down the request.

Grace’s  lawyer said the ban was necessary to protect Grace from embarrassment, the report said.

She’s being sued by the family of Melinda Duckett. The 21-year-old Florida mother, after being grilled by Grace and accused of hiding something she knew about the disappearance of her young son, killed herself the day the taped interview was to appear on HLN.

The judge ruled the videotaping could take place but lawyers for Duckett’s family can’t share the recording or disclose its contents without court permission.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. This woman is a real piece of work; I find her heartless, tactless and cruel but never thought of her to be a hypocrite until now. On the other hand, she DID cure my Headline News addiction.

  2. I have bookmarked it. This post is really so interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing with us.

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