Sarah Palin is Not Giving Up the Spotlight, So Tina Fey Says Look for More of Her Impersonation as Well

Feb 19, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The 2008 Republican V.P. candidate Sarah Palin is still in the limelight, so she’s about to get more razzing from her Emmy-winning impersonator, the Associated Press reports.

Tina Fey told the AP that she is likely to reprise her Palin character when she hosts “Saturday Night Live” in April. Fey won a guest actor Emmy after the four Palin impressions she did on “SNL” in 2008.

"It’s inevitable that we’ll try it, at least," Fey told the AP, although she cautioned that it might not make it on the air.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. As an Alaskan i can assure you she deserves bad press. To quit the Governor’s seat to raise money for a Presidential race is without conscience. Her book may be successful, but it in no way qualifies her for President of the United States. By quitting Alaska politics for the limelight she obviously does not even understand the latter comes with criticsm. Go Tina, go Family Guy (she is the one who used her own child as a prop)

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