Sarah Palin, ‘The Jersey Shore’ and Jamie Foxx Lined Up for First Week of Leno’s New ‘Tonight Show’

Feb 22, 2010  •  Post A Comment

When Jay Leno resumes the reins on "The Tonight Show" March 1, he plans on bringing on some magnetic stars to boost the ratings, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx has been booked for the first night, and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be guesting on Tuesday night. Olympian Shaun White is also going to be on with Palin, and Wednesday night will be filled with the cast from "The Jersey Shore," who are assisting a Jaywalking segment. 

Simon Cowell, Judd Apatow and Dana Carvey are also booked for later in the month. 

Allison J. Waldman


  1. Who Cares!! hope they all flop Hate NBC!!

  2. Yes!!!! Sarah Palin will be on to entertain all of those people in the vast middle of our country who don’t understand the humor of Letterman and Conan. And let’s face it folks Sarah is VERY funny–but only to those folks who understand Letterman and Conan. The people in the middle of the country take her seriously.

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