‘The View’s’ Latest Formula for Success

Feb 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"The View" on ABC apprears to have a new formula for success, and it’s not briging in a particular celebrity guest.

The show is increasingly venturing into politics, and viewers are responding, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Politics used to be a forbidden topic in the fashion- and celebrity-driven world of daytime TV, but “The View” has successfully broken that mold and plans to continue to increase such content.

Recent topics have included gay marriage, controversial comments made by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, where the Sept. 11 terrorist trials should be held, and an analysis of the President’s State of the Union address.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. I’m over “The View”!!!! The show can sometimes be misinformed at times. Only “Ellen” “Dr.OZ” and “Oprah” for me.

  2. The more they focus on topics that rile up Joy, Elisabeth and Whoopi, the more I turn to sitcom reruns on lifetime.
    That’s to early to witness the “I’m right and your wrong” BS I have seen since Rosie landed there.
    I miss the early days of the show when Meredith sang the praises of not wearing panties and Lisa Ling was impressing us with her intelligence after the Debbi Matinopulos debacle.
    I never watch the days they have all hot topics. Winning new viewers at the expense of losing the old isn’t so great.

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