Video: The Three Most Unlikely People You’d Ever Think Would Make a Promo Together: The Super Bowl Promo for Letterman’s Show (and How It Came to Pass)

Feb 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the Super Bowl was the CBS promo for the “Late Show with David Letterman”). See the video below (under the video, read how it was made)

Jay Leno wore a fake mustache as part of his disguise to help him sneak into David Letterman’s CBS studio when the two—plus Oprah Winfrey—came together to tape the promo, The New York Times reports.
The spot, which was Letterman’s idea, was shot last Tuesday, Feb. 2nd. Winfrey agreed immediately, and Leno soon got permission from NBC’s chief executive Jeff Zucker. Leno’s show had been preempted the night the promo was shot, so it was easy to make the trip to New York.
–Elizabeth Jensen



  2. I think it was the best of the lot! Betty White, #2. My wife and I HATED all of the women put-down ads.

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