Cutting O’Brien Out of Poster in Lobby was One Thing–Has NBC Gone Too Far With This Further Excising of Conan?

Feb 8, 2010  •  Post A Comment

NBC appears determined to erase any hint of Conan O’Brien’s “Tonight Show” tenure, AllThingsD reports.

According to the report, NBC.com in recent days has removed all seven months of O’Brien episodes as host of "The Tonight Show," and Hulu, the video site which NBC co-owns with Fox and ABC, has taken them down as well.

NBC declined to comment. O’Brien clips are also being removed from YouTube, AllThingsD says.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. Who doesn’t get rid of picutres of their old flame when choosing a new girl friend?

  2. For the 40 million bucks they gave Conan, they should be able to tear out his picture from the lobby shot and put it in the urinals on the 14th floor! He must have an ego taller than the Empire State Building. Conan, take my advice: go buy an island somewhere and try to live out your life with the big bucks you’ve been handed. Bye!

  3. Jack, how is NBC not to blame in this matter? $40 million is a pittance to the revenue it generates. It’s like blaming professional athletes for making millions. They are still individually paid a tiny percentage of the revenue their team generates. Ego? He was trying to insure his large staff was taken care of, since he employs people. Go take your uninformed, quasi-populist ranting to the Drudgereport or a tea party meeting.

  4. Stephen…If Conan cared so much about his staff and less about his ego, he would have simply moved his show a half hour later as was proposed.
    Conan needs to identify his actual professional self-worth.
    The sad truth is that Conan took a Late-Night show that had been sliding south for the past two years and took his act West to Burbank.
    It wasn’t working, and he had a chance to keep his staff together and take the pressure off himself.
    Now onto FOX…where Chevy’s late nite bid died.
    Affiliates don’t want Conan…they lose the huge inventory of syndicated sitcoms.
    This will be interesting to watch?

  5. I use to watch leno when he went to 10pm I stopped watching,I never liked conan but now that jay is back on 11:35 I won’t go back to him. Go get him Conan

  6. Well he spent his last remaining days ripping NBC apart and although ratings were huge you never trash the guy that’s putting money in your pocket. What would anyone expect from them? Keep his picture up at a network where he no longer works? Keep his shows online? For who, for what? This became poison for NBC and now this whole situation is over. They should cut all ties with Conan O’Brien. And get a fresh start. This thing is a morale killer and NBC has enough issues to deal with and having a picture of Conan O’Brien in a lobby is quite frankly the least of thier worries.

  7. history redacted, 1984-style
    Conan? Conan who?
    did the Tonight Show not exist for 7 months either?

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