Will Big TV News Cuts Mean the End of Beautiful Reporters?

Feb 26, 2010  •  Post A Comment

ABC’s massive job cuts this week portend an era where TV news reporters are hired less for looks than for their ability to do all their own reporting, shooting and editing, the New York Post reports.

"There’s no question [news] people will be hired based on their multimedia skills as much as their presentation skills," industry consultant Steve Safran, editor of lostremote.com, told the Post. With high salaries soon to be a thing of the past, he said, "This changes the paradigm of desirability from hiring someone who’s good-looking and can read to someone who’s well-rounded and can present.”

–Elizabeth Jensen


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  1. Well, I have been complaining for years about the “chickification” of TV News; and I hope this report is true. We can see good looking women all over the TV, but it is high time we started think about the news, not the looks of the “reader.”
    This applies equally to the “pretty boys” posing like models as they flash their empty smiles.
    I say “Bully for ABC” and hope it will really happen.

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