ABC News Planning to Close All Its Bureaus Except D.C.

Mar 1, 2010  •  Post A Comment

In addition to cutting as much as 25 percent of its editorial staff, ABC News is beginning to start the process of closing all its physical bureaus nationwide except the one in Washington, D.C., the Los Angeles Times reports.

The bureaus have various leases so they won’t all be closed immediately. The number of domestic correspondents is also going to be cut in half, and many of those remaining are expected to be based at the network’s local affiliates, the paper says. In Los Angeles, for example, two correspondents will now cover the Western U.S., down from six who had been based in Dallas, Seattle and San Francisco, in addition to L.A.

The correspondents will be replaced with journalists who can shoot and edit all their own work.

–Elizabeth Jensen


  1. It’s a sad day when one of the three legacy networks feels it must go “one-man-band” on news coverage. Two correspondents to cover all of the western U.S.? No bureau even in London? Wow, Rooone Arledge must be spinning at top speed…

  2. Roone Arledge and anyone who thought of the 4th Estate as another branch of government. It’s very sad. When ABC hired Diane Sawyer as an anchor they signaled their slide into the abyss of corporately represented media. Anyone who helped defend Nixon can’t be trusted, but who remembers that anymore?

  3. Charles Gibson obviously saw the writing on the backside of the anchor desk.
    Yeah, as I wrote in this space at the time, Diane was a terrible choice to anchor any NEWS broadcast. She was OK on GMA, but….oh, never mind, I keep thinking the american people WANT real news people to write, produce and present the news…Alright, I’ll cut the sarcasm…there ARE some people who want the real story, no matter the subject.
    Bill Paley agreed with Murrow and CBS News was started not as a profit center, rather as a NEWS entity supported by the main body of the enterprise.
    The bean counter heads have too much control over this duopolitic new era of broadcasting…editorial senses be damned…all they care about is numbers and shored up statistics to back up their numbers, which in turn rationalize their rash decisions made with no sense of history, or the public’s necessities, interests, or concerns.
    How sad for all of us…and our children.
    Peter Bright

  4. We all Twittered and Facebooked and YouTubed ourselves into this. If the body cannot support the head, lighten the weight of the head! This was years in the making and it is those who see this as an opportunity, will help evolve the new generation of what used to be known as “TV News”

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