‘Big Love’ Star Says Show Is ‘Awful’

Mar 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"Big Love" star Chloe Sevigny, who plays  Nicolette Grant on the HBO series, tells Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello that  she called "Big Love" creators Will Scheffer and Mark V. Olsen to apologize for calling the program’s fourth season "awful" in an interview with The Onion’s A.V. Club site. Sevigny says she felt her words were taken out of context and the reporter was trying to provoke her.

"My first concern was I didn’t want HBO or Will and Mark, the creators of our show, to think that I was biting the hand that feeds me," Sevigny tells EW, adding that they accepted her apology.

The reporter who originally interviewed Sevigny responded by writing on the A.V. Club site that, "I’m not really sure how a statement like “It was awful this season” can possibly be taken out of context."


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