Legendary Writer Director Frank Darabont (‘Shawshank Redemption’) Comes to TV to Make Zombie Series

Mar 30, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Three-time Oscar nominee Frank Darabont (writer/director of  "The Shawshank Redemption") is coming to TV to work on a zombie drama series, The Hollywood Reporter says. The series is "The Walking Dead," based on graphic novels by Robert Kirkman. Darabount will write and direct the series for AMC.

The order marks AMC’s fourth original series and comes after AMC bought the rights in a bidding war in August, THR says. "We’re delivering on the promise we made several years ago when we entered the original series arena," AMC president Charlie Collier said, according THR.


  1. Legendary? You’ve got to be kidding…. He made one great film (Shawshank) and the others have been mediocre at best… must everything be overhyped…. “Legendary” is a word you apply to Akira Kurosawa, John Ford and Martin Scorsese… not to Darabont… he’s just another working director – he’s far from a legend… Who wrote the press release? His mother?

  2. Legendary may be too extreme, but yikes, why you gotta call out his mother? Zombies..TV..Darabont..what’s not to like – let’s sit back and enjoy!

  3. The Walking Dead is a great series. Perfect for TV! Why do people love zombies? Let’s find out. http://thedailyjim.com/archives/475

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