CNN Continues Ratings Slide, with Larry King Hitting New Lows

Mar 30, 2010  •  Post A Comment

CNN’s refusal to schedule partisan talk shows isn’t doing the network any favors, the New York Times reports. The network’s ratings continued to slide in March, with its prime-time star Larry King ratcheting up his worst quarter ever, the newspaper says.

King’s audience plunged to 771,000 viewers during the first three months of 2010, compared with 1.34 million viewers a year ago, the publication says. What’s worse, King’s 9 p.m. show was whipped 21 times in the first quarter by Joy Behar’s new show on HLN, the Times points out. That’s prompting the network to try a previously reported talk-show format with Anderson Cooper, whose 10 p.m. program has also suffered, the newspaper reports.


  1. Needless to say, King isn’t doing himself any favors by continuously being ill-prepared, misinformed or just plain lazy to conduct truly in-depth, substantive television interviews. More often than not, he sinks into self-parody.

  2. CNN has totally lost its credibility with the progressive viewers that it fakes to cater to. The main factor recently has been the coverage of the healthcare reform issue. Many who were hoping for discussions including a public option ended up very disappointed with the type of coverage they saw.
    Hard choice between viewers and advertisers? Not really.
    The 200+ corporations who refuse to advertise on Glenn Beck’s show know their customer base and probably would be very happy to find a channel that attracts them.
    Larry King?
    I heard once a remark about him that summarizes it all: “What a waste of a brilliant mind!”.
    Larry King is at his best when he does political interviews. Instead, his show is mostly about irrelevant entertainment.
    What a waste of a brilliant mind!…

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