Swear-Heavy Pilot Title Giving CBS Pause In How to Name It

Mar 29, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The CBS pilot based on a Twitter feed called "S*** My Dad Says" is causing some confusion as to what to name it, considering the naughty language in the source material, the New York Times reports.

Currently, the show’s working title is "Bleep My Dad Says," but a CBS executive has said this isn’t the official title of the show yet, assuming its brought to air.  

The pilot, starring William Shatner as the titular character, began shooting over the weekend. 


  1. This is the goofiest idea for a television show I’ve heard of in quite some time. I follow that Twitter feed and can’t see how 99% of the stuff “Dad” says could be broadcast. Anyone else who follows the Twitter feed notice that the volume of postings has gone down ever since the deal with CBS was announced?

  2. S*** is right! An internet phenom isn’t always a great premise for a show. Oh sure, it will be funny at first, with the dad sitting there spouting ‘funny’ lines ala Frasier. Then they’ll expand the storyline and pretty soon its another stupid network sitcom with a laugh-track.
    “Yes I got him a gift. He had a kidney stone. You pee a rock through your wiener, you deserve more than just a pat on the freaking back.”
    That will make great network television.

  3. Maybe on HBO or Showtime…But on CBS!?!?!
    It can only suck, and get worse from there!

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