Video: Obama Frustrated by Constant Interruptions by Fox News’ Bret Baier During Interview

Mar 18, 2010  •  Post A Comment


  1. It’s obvious that Obama does not really CARE what’s in the bill. He just wants it passed in ANY form and will bless ANY trick play to pass it. Really sad. Hope and change, yeah, right.

  2. What a crybaby. Obama is so used to reporters who swoon at the sound of his voice that he can’t answer REAL questions.

  3. How deceitful a headline! Obama co-opted the interview and yet didn’t answer anything! Baier simply tried to get a straight answer from him.

  4. Funny when obama is really put on the spot with tough yet fair questions and he can’t/won’t answer them, just arrogantly yammers on with talking points. Makes him look pretty silly. Change we can believe in.

  5. Agree. Headline should read “Audience Frustrated by President’s Lack of Candor…”

  6. Its so obvious that the Republicans have been bought off. They will stop at nothing to stop ANY HEALTHCARE REFORM unless it helps Insurance Companies PROFIT MORE & PROVIDE LESS.
    Thank GOD for OBAMA.

  7. Republicans claim that we have the best healthcare in the world. I wonder why they feel that way. Is it because the health insurance that they have is not the same as the American People, or because they are some how involved in benefiting from the Health Insurance’s success today.

  8. Hey, if the answer is ‘pimping’, and he just gave the answer as it is/was, what’s that make him?

  9. Screw all y’all, the Obama haters unite, right? At least he’s trying to do more than kill people in a foreign land and call it “liberation”.

  10. Bret buried Barack!!!

  11. Yeah, who cares whether his policies are effective or useful, at least he is “trying” and we know everyone should only be graded on effort. At least we don’t have troops in Iraq or Afghanistan anymore…Oh, wait…nevermind.

  12. Republican’s and conservatives have only one agenda in mind…obstruct anything that President Obama tries to get done. To hell with America and the American people…Republican’s are only interested in regaining power. If this were not so, they would be doing something to try and help the U.S. get out of the pit that Bush got us into in the first place. They are all a bunch of traitors.

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