’30 Rock’ Razzes Comcast With Kabletown Web Site

Apr 7, 2010  •  Post A Comment

NBC’s Emmy-winning sitcom ’30 Rock’ has playfully incorporated the Comcast/NBC merger by introducing a cable company called Kabletown into its show. 

Now Kabletown has come to life with an online presence, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The show has created a web site for the fictional cable company that’s an allusion to Comcast, the company that really is buying up a chunk of NBC Universal.

The site offers a glimpse into Kabletown’s programming, careers and news about the merger. 

"This acquisition will give Kabletown customers access to NBC content, plus content from the network’s cable properties. This way, not only can we can offer content in ways that content has never been offered before, but we can use the word ‘content’ almost 60% more than we used to in press releases," the site reads. 

If you click on www.kabletown.com, you’ll see the ’30 Rock’ creation.

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