And Now, Back to the iPhone: Reports Says Apple May be Set to Announce New Ad Platform for the iPhone; Muti-tasking; WiFi Printing Also Likely

Apr 7, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Now that the iPad has hit stores, Apple is getting ready to announce its new operationg system for it’s popular iPhone tomorrow, Thursday, April 8, according to multiple stories in the press.

Peter Kafka at All Things Digital is saying that part of Apple’s iPhone announcement will include mobile ad plans.

CNET, in its story on that subject, reports "Apple got into a tug-of-war with Google over AdMob last year–and lost. Apple settled for Quattro Wireless, another mobile advertising company, which it bought in January. Since the purchase, Apple has been mum about its plans for Quattro within Apple, but the event on Thursday could serve as a coming-out party for a new advertising platform that is integrated with the iPhone software development kit."

Our friend Joe Mandese over at MediaPost first broke the story about the iPhone and ads last month. Mandese wrote at the time in Online Media Daily: "One of popular scenarios is that Apple will offer a hypertargeting capability that would enable advertisers to target ads to consumers based on their geographic proximity, paving the way for a new generation of location-based advertising. But some observers believe that could be trouble for Apple, because Google recently won the patent for systems that serve ads dynamically based on a user’s location, and given the current relationship between the two digital behemoths, such a move by Apple would likely invite litigation from Google."

Mandese added, "Another potentially telling patent move is one that Apple registered for in 2008 that potentially could control ads served on virtually any screen connected to an operating system that would turn the content or application off if the user isn’t paying attention to the ads."

CNET is also saying that iPhone OS 4.0 will likely allow users to multitask and use multiple apps simultaneously.

AppleInsider.com is reporting that "The ability to print via Bluetooth or WiFi may likely be part of Apple’s iPhone 4.0 announcement on Thursday. Apple could avoid the need to include the massive amounts of (often buggy) printer drivers used by Windows or Mac OS X by simply supporting a limited subset of printing options.


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