Nike Just Broke This New :30-Second Tiger Woods Commercial. The Voice is That of Woods’ Late Father, Earl. In Comments Below Let Us Know What You Think of This Commercial (It Was Scheduled to Air Wednesday Night on ESPN and The Golf Channel)

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  1. Didn’t Earl take him to Vegas and show him how the girls worked?

  2. Kill this post. The video was killed by Nike. Ask before you take sensitive videos.

  3. Jeff, as of right now–6:56 PM PT–this video takes up about half of Nike’s home page. And the video is posted on Nike’s home page with an embed code available for anyone to post.

    Chuck Ross
  4. This ad is ingenious… while re-calibrating Tiger to being a sensible human being and competitor by leveraging a personal message from Earl that was obviously something he’d spoken to Tiger before, Nike gets a shot at capitalizing on Tiger’s comeback and what I anticipate will be a masterful rise to the occasion in his golf performance… the rift of public opinion will be healed with time. Most people that have voiced an opinion about Tiger’s missteps these past few months in interviews aren’t necessarily golf fans; they just don’t like to feel as though a person of celebrity privilege can get away with a societal moral violation such as infidelity… yet reality television has become a predominant genre of entertainment, with many programs celebrating moral deviations season after season.
    I think this ad is brilliant. Nike and their creative team(s) nailed this one.

  5. I concur with Stan. Think of this. The major advertisers like Nike once hired Tiger to help build their brand. Now, Tiger is getting paid by Nike in a campaign to help (re)build his brand!
    This is why I love America.

  6. More info is needed. Was the recording of the father’s voice from some interview long ago, and placed here out of context, or was the father actually speaking about the infidelities?
    My reaction would vary hugely depending on the answer to that question.

  7. Now that Tiger has brought up these questions in a public forum, he will need to answer them.
    In the eyes of many in the sports news/commentary world, they were ready to move on, now dosen’t this drag this story out longer?

  8. FirstFave, a clue – Tiger said his reckless behavior was (partially) in reaction to his father’s death.

  9. Tacky, cloying and effective. Awareness is the big first step behind branding, and it played in full on KCBS 11pm news (in the sports segment). Free advertising. Bunch of comments here, everywhere: people talking about it. More free awareness.
    Taking the dead Daddy Wood’s words out of context, to polish the tarnished image? Tacky as hell. Shame on Tiger and Nike for that. It’s Smarmy. Tasteless. Vile.

  10. I think this is just plain stupid. I get nothing that makes me want to buy anything Nike, would have no clue that the voice is his late father, and why would someone respectfully allow their father’s voice to be used in this manner is beyond me. A new low in bad advertising.

  11. I find the ad in poor taste and blatantly manipulative.

  12. Some of the comments here show why the Ad Industry is in such bad shape. How can anyone with more than three weeks experience in marketing think this was a good idea for NIKE.
    Bad taste, negative topic, poor image, questionable spokesperson and no benefit at all for NIKE other than to show the public NIKE doesn’t care about morals of the athlete, it’s all about the money they invested over the years and they are trying to salvage that investment.
    NIKE will lose the core buyer, the average Joe who will find this in very bad taste. Using the dead in ads may sometimes win us awards, but in this case it will not sell product or boost the brand. Fire this creative team now.

  13. Nike will be purposefully ambiguous on the actual source of Earl’s discussion. To do otherwise would weaken its power.

  14. After viewing this ad, I don’t know what I am supposed to feel for Tiger at all. Is he the poor little boy being admonished by his dad? (notice the look on Tigers face during this) Is he the wiser adult for having revisited his fathers teachings and is now standing up to atone for his bad behavior? Or is this a big FU to the public and “The only person whose opinion really matters to me is my father’s and by the way, he’s dead” Maybe this is the first in a series of ads that culminate with “ghost dad” coming back to spank Tiger and send him to his room. Appropriately adorned with various Nike products of course!

  15. I’ve only watched this once, so I’ll write my immediate reaction. Barf. Invoking a message from the grave with Tiger trying to look sorry tugs at my vomit strings. Look, you got caught with your pants down. In the grand scheme of things, there are worse transgressions. But it doesnt make me feel sorry for Tiger and I won’t be rushing out to buy any Nikes.

  16. This video is absolutely disgusting, repurposing a departed person’s voice track out of context for PR spin in the name of commerce. It’s shameless. Nike is playing with fire.

  17. Tacky and cruel — almost insure’s Tiger’s loss!

  18. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart…again
    Evoking the spirit of his father to elicit sympathy is a bit low even for sweat shop Nike and Tiger.

  19. I think it was TERRIBLE! Like father, like son!

  20. The ‘net is free–take what you need and leave the rest behind. No–Nike didn’t “kill” it. It’s up! Get a clue.

  21. I prefer the audio Cracked added to it – Morgan Freeman’s little bit on “rehabilitation” from SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.
    And I’m sorry but I find this whole thing to be a mountain of bullshit. He’s Tiger Woods, he’s got women throwing themselves all over him and he took some of them up on their offers. WHO CARES? It’s not like he runs the country or anything truly important to the majority of lives in the world and it certainly didn’t seem to hurt his golf game.

  22. um, yeah, i did learn something dad… (sad face) I AM HAMLET!

  23. To me, the commercial is nothing more than damage control spin. I buy whatever sneakers fit best and wear well, so ads don’t sway me in that regard.
    However, this commercial has spawned some hilarious spoofs of it, so they have proven amusing 😉

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