Report: Nike Ad the Last Straw for Elin–Looks Like She’ll Divorce Tiger

Apr 15, 2010  •  Post A Comment

"Fairway philanderer Tiger Woods and his fed-up wife, Elin Nordegren, appear headed to divorce court and the final straw in the disintegrating marriage may have been the golf swinger’s creepy Nike ad," is the lead sentence of a report in the Boston Herald.

The article goes on to say, "“Entertainment Tonight” reported that the marriage is “indeed over.” Meanwhile People said Nordegren was ‘violently angry’ over the Nike ad that aired during the Masters that featured the voice of Woods’ late father, Earl."

The article does not say whether or not Tiger had discussed the ad before it aired with Elin. In discussing the ad Tiger is clearly proud of it. Click here to see that clip.


  1. I guess I don’t get what the big deal is over this commercial. To me I thought it was more of Tiger saying, yep I screwed up and my dad would be pissed.
    Wasn’t there another commercial a couple years back using Earls voice too (after his death)…why is all of a sudden now creapy??

  2. Reply to Scott (below): It’s creepy now because Tiger himself is more-than-a-little creepy now. Hero worship is understandable, at least until the heroes fall from grace. Hard. (Maybe it’s a girl thing, but I doubt any woman was not creeped out by that commercial. I’m male, so I’m guessing.)

  3. OK, Scott’s message was (above), not (below). But at least I could spell ‘creepy’ correctly.

  4. From a woman’s perspective, less creepy than sad. Can you say hail mary pass attempt at seeming contrite? Didn’t work for me. I cracked up laughing. No offense, Earl.

  5. I agree with Liz…I laughed when I first saw it as it was so pretentious. I prefer Jimmy Kimmel’s version, that was more real 🙂

  6. Like I said before, using a dead dad’s quote out of context to make a smarmy “apology” is, in a word, VILE.
    I suggested on FB that the encore to this ad would feature Tiger making a “swoosh” arc as he urinates on his dad’s tombstone.

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