The Anti-Establishment Provocateur Who Helped Mold the Sex Pistols and the Punk Movement–and Who Later Became a Fixture On British Reality TV–Dies of Cancer at Age 64

Apr 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

He was " the anti-establishment provocateur behind the Sex Pistols," and much of the Punk movement , according to CNN, and he’s died of cancer at age 64.

That could describe only one person: Malcolm McLaren, who managed the Sex Pistols during their heyday. 

Prior to his gig with the Sex Pistols, McLaren had been involved with the New York Dolls for a time.

And later in his life he became involved in some reality TV shows in the U.K., including "Big Brother:Celebrity Hijack."

The CNN article quotes writer Andy Gill from the U.K. publication the Independent: McLaren’s "passing throws into even starker relief the drab, corporate nature of a pop industry in dire need of entrepreneurs with a little of McLaren’s intelligence, wit and non-conformist spirit." 


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