Will ‘Big Bang Theory’ Explode as Biggest Syndication Deal Until 2013?

Apr 5, 2010  •  Post A Comment

With "The Big Bang Theory" going out on the market for a syndication deal, it’s likely to be the biggest deal within the next three years — until "Modern Family" hits the syndication market in 2013, B&C reports.

But given the state of the market, it’s questionable how much cash "The Big Bang Theory" will produce. The last comedy that generated any cash in the syndication market was "How I Met Your Mother," which signed off on its deals just before the economy tanked in 2009.

Another big variable is whether "The Big Bang Theory" will attract a bidder willing to pay up for exclusivity.

Some industry observers say Warner Bros. believes it may attract about $4 million per episode, matching the money it received for "Two and a Half Men," according to the article.


  1. Talk about the little show that could! Finally the show gets the recognition and viewers it deserves, and of course the money follows.

  2. Great writing, cast, and production values… If only they can continue to get away with sneaking stuff in that gives the “Bazinga” to the religious right.

  3. “Big Bang…” my new favorite show! Now it’s cool to be extremely smart. Love the characters; they have great chemistry. I hope the show sticks around for a long while. I look forward to Monday evenings and a good laugh.

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