Fall Schedule Harks Back to the Golden 1980s of Television

May 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

In an analysis of the new shows rolled out for the fall television schedule, the Los Angeles Times points out that TV executives are casting back to the golden 1980s for inspiration. 

There’s the straightforward remake of "Hawaii Five-O," which left TV in 1980, as well as apparent knock-offs, like Fox’s "Lonestar," an oil-industry drama that is reminiscent of "Dallas," a huge hit in the early 1980s. ABC’s "Body of Proof" seems a lot like "Quincy M.E.," which ran from 1976 to 1983, with Dana Delany playing the Jack Klugman role.

"You can’t blame TV execs, who unfurled their fall schedules for advertisers this week in New York, for feeling nostalgic. This future stuff is hard. Last year, NBC tried to leap into tomorrow by axing its 10 p.m. dramas and bringing Jay Leno to prime time; the network fell flat on its face," the article says.


  1. If the schedule was to be a call back to the 80’s, then we would have twices as many comedies on the schedules.

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