Comcast-NBC Deal: FCC Very Interested in How Company Decides What Content Goes on What Platform

May 26, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The Federal Communications Commission is digging into its review of the merger between Comcast and NBC Universal, sending them questions that are very detailed and probing and which might require them to release confidential information, writes Joe Flint on the Los Angeles Times’ Company Town blog. 

"Of particular interest to the commission is how NBC Universal and Comcast decide what content of theirs goes on what platforms. The FCC is asking NBC Universal to provide ‘total revenues and other consideration’ it gets from cable and satellite distributors, online video distributors and its own NBC affiliates," Flint writes.

The FCC is also asking for details on discussions and analyses about providing (or not) its video programming to online video distributors including Hulu, as well as the possibility of Hulu charging a monthly fee to access content.

Still, NBCU might not want to answer the question about Hulu’s fee discussions, given that the online video site is also owned by Walt Disney Co. and News Corp. Another issue for both NBCU and Comcast is whether by answering the FCC’s questions, some of the information might find its way into competitors’ hands.  


  1. The key is whether any of the content is even made available to competitors, and what will they charge to direct competitors in the Comcast Markets. See how Comcast blocked NHL on Versus from DirecTV this year.

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