Gary Coleman, Dead at 42

May 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment


Gary Coleman, who was hugely popular as a child actor starring in “Diff’rent Strokes,” has died at age 42.

Coleman had had a brain hemorrhage on Wednesday and had slipped into a coma yesterday, when he was also put on life support.

He was taken off life support this afternoon, and has died.

For a more complete bio of Coleman,here’s one at People.com.

Above, a picture of Coleman with the great comedienne Lucille Ball of “I Love Lucy” fame.

In these short video clips that were posted in 2007 on YouTube, here are some memories of Coleman as Arnold on “Diff’rent Strokes,” making us all laugh.


  1. I’ve got to say I will miss Gary Coleman, he was a great child actor who through mismanagement by his advisors and alledged stealing of funds he earned by acting, left him a very hard life as an adult. Gary Coleman, may God travel with you on your ride in eternity!
    – Andrew –

  2. I worked with Gary several times. We started on a separate project that never got off the ground. Through all the experiences he was a true pro and a gracious person.
    Sadly there was always something tragic around him that I could never quite put my finger on, but it was there, none the less.
    Peace to his Spirit. He deserves it.
    Peter Bright

  3. May the force be with Gary. Getting you on tv was hard but you did your thang. do your thing Gary! ron@makeitorbreakit.com

  4. I would like to start my own blog one day. This was a really nice blog that you made here. Keep up the success 😛

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