Plans to Shutter Ford’s Legendary Mercury Line–Home to the Popular Cougar of the Late 1960s and 1970s

May 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

mercury cougar.jpg

Looks like there will be one fewer major auro brand to be advertised on TV soon. Ford has a plan to shutter its Mercury line of cars, reports Bloomberg News.

The company’s top executives are readying a plan to eliminate the line that will be presented to its directors in July, the report says. Mercury had been scheduled to drop two of four models next year. "Mercury is a forgotten brand," said IHS Global Insight auto analyst John Wolkonowicz. "The reason Mercury failed throughout its existence is because Ford never wanted to spend any money on it."

The car has a long history, created by Henry Ford’s son Edsel Ford in 1939 as a reasonably priced luxury car. The line’s sales peaked in 1978 at 579,498 cars, when it used the tagline "At the Sign of the Cat," referring to the popular Cougar, introduced in 1967.

By 1975 the Cougar had morphed from a muscular pony car into a luxury brand. Here’s a 1975 Mercury Cougar commercial starring the last Farrah Fawcett:


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