Two Major Studios Tell Apple They Will Not Revamp Video Libraries to Accomodate the iPad

May 28, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Two major studios, whose video libraries use Adobe’s Flash technology, have told Apple that they will not revamp their library product to accomodate the iPad, which does not use Flash, according to the New York Post.

The two studios are Warner Bros. (and parent Time Warner) and NBC Universal.

Says the article: "Not surprisingly, Disney, which counts Jobs as its largest shareholder, has created an iPad app that lets users watch ABC shows for free. CBS, using an iPad-enabled Web browser, is also working with Apple, but to a limited extent, offering only a handful of shows. Both Fox News (which, like The Post, is owned by News Corp.) and CNN offer free video clips using HTML5 on the iPad."


  1. Good for NBCU and WB. Apple is becomeing the “Microsoft” of the 21st century. They are “1984”

  2. Nonsense. If enough iPads sell, they’ll revamp. Period.

  3. Why can’t our computer formats all just get along? If internet protocol can do it, some industry group needs to provide an interface between Flash and HTML5 so existing entertainment product (like what’s on YouTube) doesn’t have to lose its generality every few years. Keith Warn

  4. Regardless of any other considerations, Flash is proprietary technology under the control of Adobe.
    Why would any business shackles themselves to Adobe?

  5. Come on Apple, get out of the dark side and let the iPad Flash.

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