It Won’t Necessarily Be a Slam-Dunk for Google TV

May 21, 2010  •  Post A Comment

The new Google TV service that the search engine giant unveiled at its annual developer conference in San Francisco this week is likely to face considerable challenges, according to a report in The New York Times.

Google introduced the service — which brings together Internet search and standard TV programming on specially equipped TV sets — on Thursday in conjunction with set-maker Sony, set-top box maker Logitech and the Best Buy electronics retailer, among other companies.  

"Google must persuade television manufacturers other than Sony to use its software, and retailers other than the electronics chain Best Buy to sell the devices. And consumers have demonstrated little interest, so far, in connecting to the Web through their TVs," The Times said.

The article also concluded that Google TV could create problems for traditional cable companies, "as more people could look to the wealth of content on the Internet and bypass their cable provider’s profitable video-on-demand offerings."


  1. I think that Google TV is showing the future. DirecTV, Xbox, Playstation owners already connect their televisions to the web and are actively using Netflix on-line and various on-demand options. This is moving fast. If you thought harddisks like HD-DVD and Blu-Ray saw short lifespans watch the struggle cable has holding onto its TV customers the next ten years. The Web is delivering way more content already than a cable can. The revolution has started.

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