Despite the Stated Wishes of the Creator and Showrunner, Lionsgate TV President Can’t Envision End Date for ‘Mad Men’

May 4, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Lionsgate President of Television Programming & Production Kevin Beggs, asked today whether  Lionsgate would honor a "Lost"-like end date of "Mad Men" from showrunner Matthew Weiner, declined to say yes, Variety reports. Lionsgate is the studio that produces the Emmy Award-winning drama series.

Replied Beggs, according to the article, "[Weiner] goes one season at at time, so we don’t like to speculate beyond that. Obviously we’d like to have this show on for as long as possible, and I think AMC would like to as well." He added, "The good news we have, like, 40 years between the show and now to catch up on." [Editor’s Note: Variety is behind a firewall and might ask you to pay to see this article.]

Weiner upset the apple cart at both AMC and Lionsgate when he casually said recently that he could not see "Mad Men" lasting past season six. Season four of the show starts this summer.

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