NBC President Talks About the Future of ‘Chuck,’ ‘Heroes,’ and ‘Parenthood’

May 10, 2010  •  Post A Comment

NBC Entertainment president Angela Bromstad, in an interview with James Hibberd of the Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed blog, said that while she wouldn’t confirm a pickup for perpetual bubble show "Chuck," she did say that the show is a strong player that matches the tone of a lot of new series on the schedule this year. 

"It’s our highest-performing Monday night show. We look at it as a very strong player, and it’s a show that matches up with our new shows. It’s too early for me to say for certain as it’s a conversation we’re going to have next week," she said. 

As for "Heroes," Bromstad said the network is thinking about having the series share a time slot with "Parenthood," where one would run in the fall and one in the spring. 

"I wouldn’t count anything out. With shows like that, we really have to sit down and figure out all the pieces of the schedule," she said. 

She also mentioned several other new series, including the remake of "The Rockford Files," adding the show tested very well. 

"We just got it today. It screened really well. Dermot Mulroney is great. We have no testing back, but it’s a high bar, and we’re going to need to watch the cut another time and see the research," she said. 


  1. This is why NBC sucks. They want to keep CHUCK because they have more shows with similar tone? I guess if its broken, don’t fix it, just make more.
    And why would HEROES & PARENTHOOD share a slot? Their audiences have very little in common. It is a completely different dynamic. Plus, they really need to let HEROES go. It is a dead series.

  2. It’s the only show NBC has that doesn’t totally suck!
    Therefore, expect it to be canceled within a year!

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