Sony’s Mosko Looking to Challenge Emmys With ‘Fun’ Paley Awards

May 13, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Sony Television President Steve Mosko has worked at the company for 20 years, establishing it as a media presence with shows like AMC’s "Breaking Bad" or FX’s "Rescue Me." 

But, as Sony doesn’t own or operate any cable or broadcast channels, some might see the company at a disadvantage to get its product on the air. Mosko disagrees, saying that "being Switzerland in some ways is a good thing because we can be in business with everybody. What’s attractive to producers, writers and actors is that they can come to us and know we’re going to go out and sell it to the best possible network," the Los Angeles Times reports. 

Mosko has other plans for Hollywood, specifically changing up the Emmys. He sits on the L.A. board of the Paley Center, which is looking to launch an award ceremony to challenge the Emmys.

"The Emmys just honor prime time, and there’s much more to television than that," he said. "Our awards will make it a more fun show, like the Golden Globes. Something where viewers say, ‘Man I’d love to be there,’ as opposed to looking at an audience where people look like they’re thinking: ‘How do I get to the lobby?’"

Mosko worked his way up the ranks in television, starting his career in ad sales at a local television station. "Arnie Kleiner was my boss when I was 23 years old at WMAR in Baltimore," he said.

"We’re at a dinner negotiating a deal with the cheesy car dealer in town, and going back and forth. After a couple of flaming sambucas, Arnie suggests that to close the deal I arm-wrestle the car dealer. We cleared the plates. Arm-wrestling ensued. We got our terms. It didn’t hit me until years later that it was a lot of money we were arm-wrestling over. At the time it just seemed like we were arm-wrestling on principle." 

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