Can Fox Cancel One Show Twice?

Jun 9, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Usually a network only gets to cancel a TV show once, but Fox has given "Past Life" the axe from the schedule for the second time this season, reports The Futon Critic.

The network had decided to broadcast the two unaired episodes of the drama this June, but now "Past Life" has been dumped again in favor of reruns of Fox’s new show "The Good Guys," which has been included in the new fall schedule.

Officially, the June 11 and June 18 Friday broadcasts of "Past Life" will be replaced with encore showings of "The Good Guys" at 9:00 p.m.


  1. Um….yes? Family Guy, anyone?!

  2. I liked Past Life. It was a good show. Just got done watching a DVR episode the other night. It didn’t seem to be on very much from what I recall. If it wasn’t for my DVR recording the series, I wouldn’t have ever known when it was even on. I don’t think I ever saw any advertising for the series except for maybe when it premiered its first episode. It’s kind of hard to build an audience if you don’t advertise it or set a consistent date and time for the show to be on.
    I recall seeing a ton of advertising for “24” which I watched and enjoyed as well but nothing for Past Life.
    Fox usually does better than this. 24, Lost (ABC), Flash Forward (ABC), Past Life have all ended. Next season viewing is beginning to look a little skimpy.

  3. It almost makes you want to DVR the entire season before watching any of them. That way you can make sure it doesn’t get canceled before getting interested. If it does get canceled you can just delete them before watching the first one. Or just don’t watch anything on broadcast and if it is any good wait for the DVD to come out or wait until it comes to cable. At least you know it won’t get canceled mid-season. If broadcast keeps making moving targets out of some programs, that is what viewers will do.

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