Fans Planning Massive Blackout to Protest Show Cancellation

Jun 7, 2010  •  Post A Comment

Fans of the recently cancelled "FlashForward" are trying something new in order to persuade ABC executives to keep the show going, Variety reports.

Aside from shipping 20,000 friendship bracelets to ABC Entertainment chairman Steve McPherson, fans will gather in front of ABC offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta to stage a blackout on June 10. 

Fans will lay on the ground in front of ABC offices in these cities for two minutes and 17 seconds, just like the blackouts that occur in the show. 


  1. Oh yeah, like that will work.
    If these people really wanted Flash Forward (or any other show–insert name here) to stay on the air, they’d all be better off putting all this energy into watching it, telling all their friends to watch it and mounting an internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc. campaign during the broadcast season not after all the actors have been released and everything is, you know, over.
    This is all like a giant circle jerk.

  2. Dear Mmm Hmm,
    In my flashforward, I see you devoting valuable viewing hours to a program that gives you a small measure of escapist entertainment. I then see that program cancelled for low viewership. I see you trying to enlist the aid of other hardcore or casual viewers of that program and being ridiculed for even mounting an attempt no matter how fool hardy it may be. Then in my final flashforward, I see you writing into a television blog site complaining about the diminishing intelectual level of the shows you are forced to watch because you failed to get the point when it really mattered. Change the future, change your future.

  3. Forced to watch?
    Srsly, dude. Get out more. Walk the dog, play catch with your kids, read a book, go to a concert. No one forces you to watch teevee, much less TV of a “diminished intellectual level”. Not that there isn’t loads of that already. I love that stuff. It’s what I watch now. I’d never complain about it.
    This is truly amusing.

  4. .W.O.W. Mmm Hmm i believe u have just proved Esteeman’s point! You said urself that u love to watch shows of a “diminished intellectual level” and by an extent this also means you would not be able to understand FF! It was, is, and always will be the best show ABC has ever had and good for fans for sticking up against such unfair judgment!

  5. Mmm Hmm,
    At least we are doing something. And from what I heard ABC employees came out to see what it was all about as well as a camera-man came out and interviewed several for it. Whether or not it works, At least we all got off our butts and did something about it rather than sit back and criticize others for making an attempt.

  6. Way to focus and straight to your point, i love it. Keep up the work people. Dont let anyone stop us bloggers.

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